PEX-B Tubing White Straight Lengths

RIIFO PEX-B tubing is made of cross-linked polyethylene, utilizing the production method of silane cross-linking that provides superior chemical and mechanical performance. RIIFO PEX-B tubing is ideal for supply of potable water and meets the standard of CSA B137.5, ASTM E84, ASTM 876 and ASTM 877.

RIIFO offers straight lengths in 10 and 20 foot lengths.

Part NumberSizeQty
PX1210W1/2″ – 10 ft60
PX1220W1/2″ – 20 ft50
PX3410W3/4”-10 ft20
PX3420W3/4”-20 ft20
PX120W1”- 20 ft15
PX520W1-1/2″ – 20 ft5
PX620W2″ – 20 ft5